25,000 PLF Giveaway – PLF Trading Competition from Bilaxy!

Blockchain gaming platform PlayFuel and cryptocurrency exchange Bilaxy have recently developed a successful partnership, resulting in a recent PLF token listing on Bilaxy. To make this event more interesting, the partners have decided to give away up to 25,000 PLF to 80 Bilaxy users.

25,000 PLF Giveaway from Bilaxy

25,000 PLF Giveaway from Bilaxy

Details on the Trading Contest

Bilaxy will be holding a PLF trading competition on its platform, which will run from December 31, 2019, at 8:00 PM (GMT +9) up to January 14, 2020, at 8:30 PM (GMT +9). Users who will earn the most trading volume in the said event period, up to the 80th user, will receive a shared prize of 25,000 PLF, divided according to their ranking.

To participate, users only need to trade as much PLF as possible during the dates mentioned above. This they can do by buying and trading PLF exclusively on Bilaxy. For example, if a certain user buys 2,200 PLF and sells 800 PLF, he will post a 3,000 PLF transaction volume. This is the amount that we will consider when finalizing the rankings.

Reward Calculation

The amount of PLF tokens that each user will earn will be based on his ranking. Please check the table below to know the specifics:

Rank PLF Rewards
1 1100
2-5 800 each
6-10 680 each
11-20 590 each
21-50 280 each
51-80 100 each

Winners will be determined after the event period. They can expect to receive their promised rewards on their Bilaxy account within 10 days after the conclusion of the event.

As stated above, the trading competition is held as a joint effort of PlayFuel and Bilaxy. Beginning December 26, 2019, Bilaxy opened its doors to PLF users for deposit. They were enabled to trade the said digital asset immediately the next day, December 27, while withdrawal was allowed on December 28.

PlayFuel extends this generous gesture to users as an expression of gratitude for the series of successful listing and partnerships. Do not miss this opportunity to start 2020 with more PLF tokens. Happy New Year to all crypto users, and happy trading!

PLF Admin

PLF Admin

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