PlayFuel (PLF) Token Hits 8 Exchanges Before 2019 Ends

PlayFuel is a platform that brings the power of blockchain technology to the gaming world. In its early stages, the innovative project has successfully made several milestones as it announces that its native asset — PLF Token — is now listed on 8 leading crypto exchanges.

Starting from December 26, PLF has been supported on various exchanges namely Hotbit, DigiFinex, Bilaxy,, Mercatox, STEX, Crex24, and Coinbene. These exchanges are among the leading digital asset exchanges in the crypto market.

Users can access PLF/USDT, PLF/BTC, PLF/ETH trading pairs on these exchanges.

DigiFinex is a Singapore-based exchange that supports over 100 different digital asset pairs and has already built a global reputation, specifically on the Asian market. Meanwhile, is an exchange that has millions of users globally. The exchange also provides mining pool service to 45 countries across different regions. is an international blockchain exchange that provides real-time and safe trading environment. The platform supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. On the other hand, STEX is an exchange platform based on Estonia, Tallinn, that prioritizes altcoins and initial coin offerings.

PlayFuel also got its listing on Coinbene, which is one of the reputable exchanges today. It is a crypto exchange platform that is based in Singapore and has users to over 18 countries globally. Hotbit is another reputable exchange headquartered in China and Taiwan. The platform has over 500 trading pairs to support user’s demand.

The Crex24 exchange opens its trading services for beginners and professional traders in the crypto world. It also has a multilevel security information system that secures all the users’ accounts. Finally, Mercatox is a digital asset exchange that provides a secure and convenient trading platform for global users. The exchange supports over 700 trading pairs and has top-level security to ensure the safety of all user’s accounts in the platform. 

PlayFuel aims to disrupt the gaming industry using its blockchain technology by targeting gamers, developers, and investors. It will allow players to do seamless transactions and earn PLF tokens while playing, whereas developers can build unique games and integrate PLF tokens in their game development.

PlayFuel allows active gamers in the platform to mine while they play and use the mined PLF tokens to buy rare items, redeem exclusive goods, and trade PLF to its partner digital asset exchanges. The PLF token earned by gamers in the platform can also be converted to fiat through the affiliate exchanges.

We at PlayFuel are very grateful and overwhelmed with all these recent listings. Through the partnership with all the exchanges, PlayFuel can broaden its coverage in providing gamers, developers, investors, and PLF token holders around the world a secure and stable gaming platform.

PLF Admin

PLF Admin

PlayFuel brings the power of blockchain technology to the gaming world. PlayFuel allows developers to reward players with token rewards with real market value.