PlayFuel (PLF) Token Listing on Hotbit

We are proud to announce that PlayFuel Token (PLF) will be listed on Hotbit.

Deposit will begin on: December 27, 2019, at 16:00 (GMT +8).
Users can begin trading on : December 28, 2019, and withdraw at the same time. For the convenience of our crypto users, Hotbit has provided three trading pairs, which are PLF/USDT, PLF/BTC, and PLF/ETH.

PlayFuel listing on Hotbit

PlayFuel listing on Hotbit

Our team is ecstatic since we heard the confirmation from Hotbit since it is one of the biggest digital asset exchanges in the world. It has over 500 trading pairs — including PLF — and records more than 500,000 registered users from about 170 countries.

Hotbit is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and Taipei, Taiwan. It is a reputable exchange that is registered in both Hong Kong and Estonia, even though it has core team members situated in different parts of the world such as China, the US, and Taiwan.

Despite its operations in China, Hotbit’s registered users are 90% non-Chinese, proving that its reputation has already been well-established in different countries across the globe. Its platform can be accessed through six languages — English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Thai, and Turkish.

Transaction fees for Makers and Takers are 0.1%. This can be further reduced to 0.05% by purchasing Hotbit Token (HTB).

Beginning April 2019, Hotbit has been distributing deposit interests to its users based on their current crypto balance in the exchange. It is the first in the world to do so. Interests are distributed through the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, ATOM, VOLLAR, BHD, PCX, ALGO, IRIS, VSYS, IMG, FSN, TOMO, SERO, USDT, IOTX, XZC, DASH, ZEL, AXE, IOST, BTM, and PIVX.

Hotbit Summary:

  • Exchange Name: Hotbit
  • Native Token: Hotbit Token
  • Date of Launch: January 2018
  • HQ Location: China and Taiwan
  • Trading Pairs: PLF/USDT, BTC, and ETH

In terms of security, Hotbit is rated B+ by relevant authorities. Binance, another notable exchange, also possesses the same security rating as Hotbit. Since its founding, it has never had any record of loss of any of its users’ assets due to the platform’s security.

Hotbit has also partnered with a number of companies, some of which are household names in the cryptocurrency industry. These are F2pool, Spark Pool, Mytoken, Slow Mist, HashQuark, and more.

On behalf of the PlayFuel Team, we thank Hotbit for this wonderful news. We are also grateful to all crypto believers who have already begun supporting us as early as today. We wish you the greatest holidays and a more bullish 2020.

PLF Admin

PLF Admin

PlayFuel brings the power of blockchain technology to the gaming world. PlayFuel allows developers to reward players with token rewards with real market value.