PlayFuel (PLF) Token Listing on BigONE

In case you missed it, another exchange platform has included PlayFuel on its list!

PlayFuel (PLF) token is currently accessible on BigONE along with other crypto exchanges such as Coinsuper, ExMarkets, STEX, and more.

BigONE has been enabling users to deposit, trade, and withdraw PLF beginning from these dates:

  • Deposit:May 14, 2020 | 4:00 PM (UTC +8)
  • Trading:May 15, 2020 | 4:00 PM (UTC +8)
  • Withdrawal:May 16, 2020 | 4:00 PM (UTC +8)
  • Trading Pair:PLF/BTC

BigONE is a worldwide digital asset trading platform. The platform actualizes a 100% hold and numerous protection measures to guarantee the security of client assets. It provides various trading pairs for mainstream digital assets as well as the quick EOS trading pairs listing. It enables users to enjoy a secure account system, a convenient crypto trading experience, vast trading depth, and a wide range of EOS-based candy airdrops.

BigONE’s core team originated from Yunbi, which has over 5 years of digital asset trading platform management and involvement with top-notch digital assets. The group has explored high-quality blockchain projects such as Ethereum (ETH) ,NEO, QTUM, SC, EOS, and more.However, it places special emphasis on EOS, which began its crowdfunding from here.

BigONE Exchange Summary

  • Exchange Name : BigONE
  • Headquarters : Seychelles
  • Launching Date : 2017
  • Accepted Trading : Crypto only
  • Trading Fees : 0.10%

PlayFuel is a blockchain-based platform that permits emerging game developers to design and sell games within a decentralized system. The platform is outfitted with blockchain security that ensures in-game transactions utilizing its native currency PLF and PLF Price seems to be a constant one in the crypto industry.

The PlayFuel team will keep on reforming its technology to offer more comfort to crypto users and the gaming network around the world. Through this partnership with BigOne, PlayFuel can broaden its platform in enabling secure and seamless transactions to all PLF holders.

PLF Admin

PLF Admin

PlayFuel brings the power of blockchain technology to the gaming world. PlayFuel allows developers to reward players with token rewards with real market value.