10 Reasons How PlayFuel Will Disrupt the Gaming World

10 Reasons How PlayFuel Will Disrupt the Gaming World

“Technologies are invented to make our lives easier — not our choices.” -Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

In the past years, we have witnessed the rapid transformation of the gaming industry through the help of new technologies. New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) provide us new and immersive experiences in playing video games.

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Reports from different countries such as France, Germany, India, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States say that ages 18 and above play video games at least once a week. This further indicates how the gaming industry grows in leaps and bounds.

In fact, according to Statista, the estimated revenue in the downloaded games segment worldwide for 2024 will be worth more than $15 million.

However, regardless of the size and growth, the gaming industry is not exempted when it comes to dealing with numerous challenges. There is a need for a revolutionary technology that could respond to the obstacles and loopholes that the gaming industry currently faces.

Here are the 10 reasons How PlayFuel will disrupt the Gaming World




A Game Changer for Developers

The transformation in the gaming industry is progressive, and blockchain is more ready than ever to penetrate this industry. Blockchain holds a great deal of potential that it can be a game changer in the gaming industry.

Through PlayFuel, developers can now benefit from a more transparent and secure system. Since blockchain provides a secure platform for game developers, the trust level in developing games becomes more established. This aims to encourage more developers to spend their time and creativity in building more exciting and innovative games.

By integrating blockchain technology in the games, developers can create free-to-play model games that would allow them to generate profit from in-game purchases. Purchases of game assets such as skins, weapons, and other rare items can be made through the supported in-game currency and crypto.

Different kinds of in-game currencies can be developed which can be used across various games produced within PlayFuel. Alongside these, cryptocurrencies such as PLF can be used for any acquisition of virtual goods like collectibles, boosts, and gems, among others. Our blockchain holds immeasurable possibilities for game developers.

Streamlined Transactions

Blockchain is a powerful technology that provides many great solutions in all kinds of industries, including the gaming marketplace. By using this technology, buying and selling in-game items can be fast and secure even without a third-party overseeing the transactions. This will prevent any cases of scamming and other fraudulent activities from happening.

Blockchain holds the technology to create a universal token that is accepted and traded on many in-game currencies. This creates the possibility to unite and combine the divided gaming markets into one mega-economy.

In line with the in-game monetization done by developers to consistently generate revenue, the blockchain integration will make the process faster, secure, and easier. Streamlined transactions are now possible as the in-game payments and other microtransactions within games will be decentralized. At PlayFuel, transactions done by players even by buying the cheapest game items can be a huge profit margin prospect. Through blockchain, the transactions will happen from the player’s account to the developer’s account instantly.

Considerably, blockchain technology also eliminates many issues faced by developers when selling their game creation through the help of publishers or distribution partners. Instead of paying the additional fees necessary for the outsourced parties, game developers within the PlayFuel platform can directly sell their games to interested players. This allows developers to reap a larger margin of profit.

True In-Game Asset Ownership

One of the exciting things to look forward to in the integration of the PLF’s blockchain to the gaming industry is the transfer of ownership from developers to players.

There are many types of games that offer a free-to-play mechanism with the introduction of in-game purchases such as skin upgrades, character upgrades, and level upgrades, to generate revenue. In spite of the time and money that players invested in the game, gamers still do not own the digital items that they bought and accumulated. Game creators still have the power to hold, change, or remove all the in-game items that players have bought using their money.

This is where the advantage of blockchain gaming comes in. Games such as Gods Unchained by Fuel Games are changing the traditional methods by allowing gamers to truly own all their gaming assets upon purchase in the game.

Through the use of PlayFuel smart contracts, gamers automatically receive any digital assets that they buy without delay. Since all the data in the blockchain is immutable, developers will not have the power to alter or reverse this process.

Furthermore, blockchain’s peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol would allow players to transact directly with each other and with the game developers. This removes the participation of the middleman to oversee and keep track of transactions. By implementing this system, players and developers in the open market would be free to express themselves with one another. In addition, It will also let players be in possession of their in-game assets.

Protected and Secure Storage

Blockchain is known for its reputation of being an immutable digital ledger wherein records of data and information can be stored securely. The protection of virtual assets in blockchain-based games is assured through this ledger, as well as the intellectual property of developers and personal accounts of players.

Within the PlayFuel platform, the ecosystem is provided with an extra layer of security for the gamer’s data. Aside from securing the gamer’s data, PlayFuel gamers can also benefit from the available secure storage for their digital assets acquired from their favorite games.

Blockchain provides a high data security environment for games created by developers and for the players who are playing these games. As the online video gaming industry continues to arise, the enhancement of security and data storage is a great necessity for successful gaming networks.

When players buy digital collectibles in any games created through PlayFuel, they can store them securely in their crypto wallets. Since asset creation is done through blockchain, the safety and ownership of virtual items are ensured. Unauthorized use of a gamer’s account can also be avoided as the blockchain can detect any sudden alterations or suspicious transactions.

Evidence of Asset Scarcity

PlayFuel technology enables the issuance of in-game assets and trading to reach the next level. Developers in our platform can create games that allow players to buy in-game items using cryptocurrency, which makes the process easier and more secure.

Nowadays, the internet provides unlimited access to its users worldwide. Internet users can search for almost limitless digital media available on the web. Sharing or duplicating digital media has been happening with or without the owner’s authorization, causing a ‘digital abundance’.

Digital abundance may sound good for some but it is not beneficial for others especially to those individuals and businesses that create genuine projects. Games, for example, can be copied without the developer’s permission. This is the part where blockchain technology intervenes.

Blockchain technology provides a haven for developers creating unique and innovative games or in-game items. All games and in-game items created by the developer under the PlayFuel blockchain will be limited and immutable. Once the items created were sold, the owner will have full control of the items which cannot be replicated in any way.

Additionally, game developers can create rare virtual assets or customize certain assets such as armors, swords, and other in-game collectibles to make them more valuable within the gaming marketplace.

Rise of Non-Fungible Assets

According to Statista, 44% of gamers in 2018 have either bought their purchases or traded game items on the blockchain. This data is further evidenced during the launch of CryptoKitties by Canada-based Axiom Zen on November 28, 2017. CryptoKitties is a blockchain game where users have the freedom to breed new kittens and even buy and sell collectible cats on the in-game marketplace. It is also the first large-scale decentralized app on the Ethereum platform.

“Fungibility is, essentially, a characteristic of an asset, or token in this case, that determines whether items or quantities of the same or similar type can be completely interchangeable during exchange or utility.” — Gerald Nash

This further indicates that a crucial factor in creating a game on the blockchain is its fun-to-play style and PlayFuel sees this as an opportunity. If one is able to create a game that is interesting enough, players will not limit themselves from placing real value on virtual items. Therefore, a highly captivating game coupled with blockchain and its seamless payment gateway through cryptocurrency would equate to the frequency of players’ spending habits.

Moreover, non-fungible assets are new concepts that help users understand new applications on the blockchain. It also plays an important role on how users will interact with digital objects and assets.

Exciting and Parallel Gaming Universe

The blockchain technology never fails to surprise us with so many great innovations, such as providing access to parallel gaming universes. Through the PlayFuel blockchain, a player can have the opportunity to choose their own personalized character that can be used across gaming environments. This is made possible through smart contracts.

As what you may have seen within the Wreck-It Ralph movie, characters within different arcade games come together into one system. Like clockwork every day, they go back to their games and work automatically based on their coded responses in various game levels. The PlayFuel network similarly works that way.

By having a decentralized platform that can allow a multiverse or alternative dimension to function simultaneously is revolutionary within the gaming industry. Game developers and companies can create their parallel universe and set their terms through smart contracts, allowing in-game data, items, and currencies to be used across the gaming ecosystem.

As long as the PlayFuel blockchain network is running, any games created within the platform will be up and available for playing. Barriers between online gaming worlds will be removed as digital assets become facilitated within the blockchain. This allows the preservation of gaming identity, assets, and history through the decentralized ledger.

Interoperable Features

PlayFuel is a blockchain gaming platform that enables blockchain interoperability to every gamer and developer. To be specific, blockchain interoperability has two different sides: the cross-platform interoperability and the cross-application interoperability.

The cross-application interoperability refers to the ability of games to use its player’s digital assets on other games. This blockchain feature enables all gamers in the platforms to easily see and access information across different blockchain games. For example, a gamer playing Fortnite online game can use the same game items when playing Skyrim, another online game.

On the other hand, cross-platform interoperability refers to games that can be played on different platforms. For example, Fortnite can be downloaded and played on multiple devices such as Playstation, Xbox, PC, and mobile phones.

Blockchain interoperability enables the sharing of information across various blockchain systems and networks. It makes it easy for gamers to see, access data and communicate with one another without the help of intermediaries.

Players may play as many games as they want and create their profiles. With the help of blockchain, these player profiles can be interoperable across games.

New Game Ecosystem

One of the benefits of PlayFuel’s blockchain technology in gaming is that it will optimize the use of other novel technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Virtual reality (VR) refers to the artificial environment that can be explored interactively by users using AI-operated devices.

VR, when paired with the blockchain technology, will strengthen the security of preserving identities of the user and helps prevent stolen or forged VR software. Notably, blockchain also has the power of preventing hacking and stealing of keys through its irreversible nature. Blockchain technology will help VR and AR expand its reach to the world.

Gamers and developers through the PlayFuel platform are in for a more enhanced gaming ecosystem that offers beyond-usual gameplay and rare virtual goods. This ecosystem would unite different games into one platform, catering to players of all ages and interests.

Non-Stop Innovation

By now, many companies and innovators have realized that indeed, blockchain holds unlimited possibilities. Gamers can expect bigger transformations and innovations in the gaming world, while game developers have the opportunity to develop groundbreaking games that could change the face of the gaming world that we have nowadays. All this with the help of blockchain technology.

A decade ago, many people would never have imagined that we will have self-driving cars now. Blockchain is also a decade-old technology, and we have already seen lots of innovations that it has enabled in virtually all types of industries. When used with other existing technology, PlayFuel will utilize the blockchain to enable us to implement the same level of innovation in the gaming industry.


PlayFuel is a blockchain-based platform that will bridge the gaming and blockchain sectors for the benefit of both developers and gamers. Players within the PlayFuel platform can buy and sell items with no risk of fraud. The PlayFuel platform is equipped with advanced fraud protection and a high grade of blockchain security, which ensures all item transactions are valid.

With the use of blockchain, PlayFuel will continue to revolutionize its technology to provide a better gaming platform for games, developers, and interested investors globally.

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